for the love of our earth.

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51 years ago, on April 22nd 1970 over 20 million Americans across hundreds of cities lead a protest to raise awareness for our negative impact to our environment, and demanding new measures to protect our planet.

our commitment:

Tappy stepping forward to end the use of single use business cards & flyers. 

Every year, billions of paper marketing products are printed. Most will end up littered, and only a small percentage will make it to a recycling bin.
The average household sends around 13,000 pieces of paper to landfills each year. 
Source: USI

a greener future:

Starting today, Tappy is carbon neutral. We are offsetting the carbon emissions of each order via

By the end of the year, our packaging will be more sustainable by using more recyclable / compostable materials.

For the duration of this sale, we will be planting 1 tree for every $10 purchased. (ex. a $50 order = 5 trees planted)

tappy earth day sale

products available for a limited time, via pre-order through april 26th 2021

Earth day products ship in 3-4 weeks

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Tappy Dot -  Earth Edition

Limited edition tappy dot with a highly detailed view of our earth from space

Tappy dot can be placed virtually anywhere-  like the back of your phone. 

Just tap to connect.

1 purchase = 2 trees planted

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this is a limited pre-order sale, items expected to ship from our warehouse in 3-4 weeks.

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