Your first impression   just got an upgrade.

introducing tappy profiles v2

A brand new look.

The entire tappy profiles platform has been completely redesigned.

Enjoy a cleaner, more professional design and an easier to use profile editor loaded with new features. 

faster load times


tappy lock™ security




unlimited links

add to contacts instantly

Allow those who you connect with to save your contact information directly into their phone's contact app.

tappy quickID™ 

Get quick access to your tappy QR code that can be easily scanned, saved, or printed.


Add a 4-6 digit pin behind private information such as your phone number or email.

This is a great option if you choose to use tappy as your link in bio.

unlimited possibilities

add multiple accounts of the same app to your profile.  

feel free to add as many instagram pages, youtube videos, or custom url's as you'd like. 

light + dark mode

Plus new profile themes inspired by California nature arriving next week.

tappy v2 is free for all users

that's not all... introducing the

tappy metal card

make a bold statement

ionized stainless steel

laser engraved custom name

complimentary two year warranty


tappy v2 contact card