the smart business card.  perfected.

metal card two pack


available now ships in 2-3 business days

30 day no questions asked money back guarantee

price excludes duties and taxefor customers outside of the USA

the simplicity of tappy

in a luxurious metal card.

Precision laser engraving

Durable scratch resistant steel

Customized with your name

"that's heavy"

(but like... in a good way)

tappy metal weighs 18.5g

(roughly the same weight as that fancy platinum credit card.)

Quick as lightning

connect effortlessly with the tappy X2 contactless sensor.


accidental damage?


aNODIZED steel

matte black


custom name

laser engraved


You've never seen a business card like this before

tappy metal V2

two pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 427 reviews
Chris Dedman
I never got it! After buying two of them!

I purchased this back in February and I never received it. So I chalked it up to being lost by the mail. So I purchased a new one several weeks ago and they sent me a tracking link. I went to it and since April 13th it says label is printed and waiting for pick up. The location is in L.A. So at this time I haven't received the product. Buyer be warned.

Monique Butler
Order still not received

I placed an order in Mid March and still ha ent received it. No communication even after multiple emails. After the last email, I received a notification that it was being shipped but when I clicked on the tracking number, it was only a label being printed and that was two weeks ago. I am very disappointed with the whole process. As of today, I still haven't received it.

Leandra Martinez
Terrible customer service

Would not recommend. Did not receive product and had to dispute payment with my bank and repeatedly contacted customer service with no response.

Joseph Doyle

I never received it and I sent out 3 different emails and still haven’t gotten anything it’s been 5 months since I ordered it

Michele Sensale

Tappy used to be a good product. Now, they no longer fill orders. They take your money and you never get your order. They do not respond to emails and there is no other way to contact them. Do not order from them - you will be throwing money away on a product that you will not receive