tappy track

smart business card + wallet tracker


Pre order ships October 18th 2023 

Limited time, save $20 with special preorder pricing 

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- Unlimited taps, no monthly fee

- 2 Year warranty - free replacement if battery dies

- 30 day no questions money back guarantee

the thinnest all in one

Apple Find My® wallet tracker + Smart business card

  • Fits in any wallet's standard credit card slot
  • Precision location tracking with Apple Findmy®
  • Anodized aluminum + tempered glass
  • Lightning fast tap to connect

"Hey siri, where's my wallet?"

"Hey siri, where's my wallet?"

Lost your wallet? Track it with ease. 

Supported by the Apple Find My® Network App

Tap to connect

Tappy Track Card Includes the lightning fast Tappy X2 contactless chip.

Tap your tappy to an iPhone or Android phone and instantly share your social media, contact card, any website links and more!


battery life guaranteed or we'll replace it.


wallet tracker


no monthly fee

Customer Reviews

Based on 428 reviews
still not received after 6 months!!!!

I purchased a card in January and still haven’t received it. I emailed them and haven’t received a response after sending 5 emails!! Really not happy and won’t recommend this site to others! WTF

Chris Dedman
I never got it! After buying two of them!

I purchased this back in February and I never received it. So I chalked it up to being lost by the mail. So I purchased a new one several weeks ago and they sent me a tracking link. I went to it and since April 13th it says label is printed and waiting for pick up. The location is in L.A. So at this time I haven't received the product. Buyer be warned.

Monique Butler
Order still not received

I placed an order in Mid March and still ha ent received it. No communication even after multiple emails. After the last email, I received a notification that it was being shipped but when I clicked on the tracking number, it was only a label being printed and that was two weeks ago. I am very disappointed with the whole process. As of today, I still haven't received it.

Leandra Martinez
Terrible customer service

Would not recommend. Did not receive product and had to dispute payment with my bank and repeatedly contacted customer service with no response.

Joseph Doyle

I never received it and I sent out 3 different emails and still haven’t gotten anything it’s been 5 months since I ordered it